December 27, 2010

Hiking in McCreary County Kentucky

Old Rock Fence Back in the Mountains
    One of our favorite things to do on a pretty day is to go hiking.  The last time we went hiking in McCreary County, Kentucky near Beaver Creek, we hiked a few hours and went way up into the mountains and came across this old rock fence.  There were several sections of rock fence that look like may have been used for livestock pens, and one section around a backed up creek, that looks like may have been an old mill pond, at one time or another. 
   There was no trace of a homeplace except for the old rock fences.  It is a beautiful site.  Completely remote and undisturbed for many years.  I was glad I had my camera.  This beautiful place is another one of God's many blessings.  Only seen by those willing to leave the beaten path. 

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