December 21, 2010

The Natural Arch in McCreary County, Kentucky

The Natural Arch
    This is one of my favorite places to go hiking.  This is the Natural Arch in McCreary County, Kentucky.  It is located just off Hwy. 27 between Burnside and Sterns.  It's hard to tell it's size in this picture; it is enormous.  There are beautiful hiking trails that go down under the Arch, and a small park with a shelter and picnic tables.  Nearby are other hiking trails that go through a big Gorge and around other rock formations. 
    It is also near the Blue Herron Coal Mining Camp (Park like replicas) and the Historic town of Sterns.  You may take a train ride through the mountains and up to the Blue Herron.  It is well worth the trip.  I think it is closed during the winter months. 
    Can't you just see God's handiwork everywhere?  I can.  The trees, the sky, the cliffs, the rivers, the flowers and everything else.  When it is cold outside, and we have to stay indoors a lot; I start thinking about places we can go, and things we can do in the Spring.  And I start looking at my seed catalogs and deciding what new flowers or vegetables I want to try come Spring.  And I thank God that we live in such a beautiful place, and thank Him we can get out and enjoy it.

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