December 22, 2010

The Littlest Yarn Spinner

Jenny, The Littlest Yarn Spinner

This is my husband's neice, Jenny.  When she was about three year old she loved to make up stories.  And that was right up my alley.
    We called it Yarn Spinning.  She would climb up in my lap and say, " Aunt Pat, let's pin some yarn." (She couldn't sound her S's out and always sounded so cute.)  Then she would tell me the biggest yarns, you've ever heard, and I in turn  would try to top it.  It was never easy to top one of Jenny's stories, but, I had fun trying.
    Jenny is all grown up now and lives somewhere in the North West, I think.  I hope she is still as enthusiastic about her story telling as she was when she was a child.  I would just like to say 
                                                                                Merry Christmas to my Little Yarn Spinner!    

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