December 20, 2010

Making Bread Kentucky Style

Making Bread in Kentucky
    Around here we are big eaters and we love our bread.  It's especially good when we have some cow butter to go with it.
    We love the big ol' dusty biscuits, cornbread, flapjacks, hoecakes, fritter bread, pone bread, and cracklin' bread.  I like the store bought bread too,  but, husband always says that lite bread is what's killing people.
    About everybodys knows what cornbread and biscuits are, but, a few might not know what in the world I'm talking about when I talk about flapjacks and such as that.
    Well, around here we mix up flour and water and fry it like pan cakes and call'em flapjacks.  We mix flour and meal and fry in little cakes and call'em hoe cakes.  For fritter bread, we mix flour and water and drop by spoonfuls into a hot greased bread pan and bake until good and brown.  And for pone bread we mix flour and water and pour into a hot greased iron skillet and bake.  Now, the cracklin' bread is another story.  Cracklin's are rendered hog innards and are hard to find.  When we do find some, we bake them in a pan of cornbread and call it Cracklin' Bread.  It sure is good!  Another one of God's many blessings.

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