December 12, 2010

The First Holiday Season Without my Mom

Mom's Pumpkin Bread Recipe

God's Way of Comforting Me
   Many years ago, I was at my mom's just before the Holidays  and while I was there, I copied her recipe for Pumpkin Bread.  My mom made the best Pumpkin Bread, I've ever tasted.
   While I was there, our Aunt Ella's daughter, Jenny came by.  We had a good visit and Jenny sang us a song.  "Mother's Not Dead, She's Only a Sleeping"  I copied the words on the back of the Pumpkin Bread Recipe, and never thought much more about it.  I used the recipe many times over the coming years and never really noticed the words of the song on the back.  But, the first Holiday season after Mom died in 1991, I was feeling really sad and wondered how I would make it through the Holidays without her.  When I started my baking, I pulled out Mom's Pumpkin Bread Recipe and as I unfolded it, I noticed the song that had been there all the time.  I read the words and it brought a smile not only to my lips, but, to my heart also; for I know that was God's way of comforting me.  See how bright the back side of the paper is where the song is written.  Only fitting, I guess.
   So Merry Christmas to all those who wait for us in Heaven!

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