December 03, 2010

Why Doesn't Everyone Love the Lord?

   Sometimes I am puzzled, why everyone don't love the Lord like I do.  I have often thought about this and have come to the conclusion that they must not feel His presence in their lives, ( I'm talking about the Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit) or they would love Him.
   Many things are about to come into pass in these last days that will try all those upon the earth.  We only have to read the Bible and listen to the world news, to see many of the things written about already coming to pass, and many more are in the making. 
   If I didn't know the Lord, I would cry out to Him for mercy, because I could not stand alone.  This is the season we celebrate His birth.  Many celebrate Christmas and don't even know the One they are celebrating. 
   In this Holy season, my prayer to God is, that if someone doesn't know Him now, that they would not let precious time pass until they call out to Him.
He is Holy.... He is Worthy.... He is Merciful.  His grace is the greatest gift of all.

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